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Having now been a customer of Elite Warrior Hosting For just over 1 year
now, and having had used many other hosts before I found them, I can
honestly say, I would never leave!!

The support is usually faster than you can actually press submit on the ticket!

Brendon has always been on hand if I've got stuck.. which has happened a lot. (Sorry Brendon)

I'm so impressed, I have moved from a single rented server to a full virtual server with EWH.

we host 100% Arma 3 servers from Elite Warrior Hosting, the downtime on
my servers is as close to 0 as you will ever get thanks to the team!

If you are looking for a server just press buy already, you wont be dissapointed!

If you want to be sure im real my TeamSpeak (also Hosted be elite warrior hosting) is ts.t51.eu

Cheers Again Guys.

Owen - Lets